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Japanese Lesson ミンキミセ

MinkyShop, weird name right? The shop's Japanese logo is written in Katakana, a character set the Japanese use to sound out English words. It's very popular with Japanese companies for logo designs because it has a cool, simple look. The MinkyShop logo is actually two separate Katakana words, ミンキ ("Minki"), and ミセ ("Mise"). 'Mise' is Japanese for shop.

In the beginning

Minky, part-time student and model for much of the stock, founded MinkyShop in 2004 as an ebay store. She followed her passion for fashion and helped open up a gateway for Japanese and Asian fashion clothing and footwear. Today, MinkyShop offer more variety, great prices and a friendly service that's in touch with the scene. Finding stock for followers of gorgeous eastern fashion is important, but we like to add a little extra fun with diverse and different products of the culture. As such, MinkyShop has had everything from Lolita dresses and footwear to Cosplay, Tabi Socks, Japanese videogames and Hello Kitty car seat covers on our virtual shelves.

What Took so Long?

*Sigh* don't remind us, the website has been a long time coming! The truth is, ebay served a purpose, but as many of you may be aware, the restrictions placed on sellers have made it an extremely unfriendly place to work. Rome wasn't built in a day of course, and neither was this website, it's been under construction behind the scenes for a many moons. Eventually Minky decided that unless she cut her ties with eBay it would be impossible to dedicate time to getting a proper site finished - so that's exactly what she did. Was it worth the wait? We hope so!

Knowing me, Knowing You   

The MinkyShop philosophy is about connections. We love the scene as much as you, so it's a pleasure to help to locate items, deliver tailor made cosplay outfits, and offer great quality products for the lowest prices we can. We don't believe in fake goods, we believe in honesty, friendship and quality of service. We're dedicated to our community of customers, so please drop us a line for anything you need, or any queries you have, we're always happy to have a chat. 


Product Knowledge

We stock a variety of products from different Japanese and Asian brands. To learn more about where these products come from, and the type of clothing/footwear we represent, please visit our brief guide to brands, here. 

It's Good to Have Goals

Great service isn't much without great stock, and great stock isn't much without great service. MinkyShop offers a simple, easy to use shopping experience that's fuss and hassle free, and gets items from East to West with only a few clicks of the button. We try harder than anyone to deliver the latest cutting edge fashions. No style goes amiss: everything from casual clothing and trendy accessories to punk and gothic lolita styles. Whether it's baby pink Japanese umbrella's, Korean bunny jumpers or professional tailor made garments and cosplay, you can count on MinkyShop to deliver the best product and the customer care to go with it.

The MinkyShop community has grown strong over the last seven years. Whether you're moved by Japanese fashion, Anime or the culture in general, we're all into the same thing. If you shopped with us on ebay, please do send us a 'hello' and let us know what you think of the new site. If you've stumbled on here for the first time, welcome!

Thanks for reading this page, happy shopping!

Our contact email: minkyshop.com@gmail.com