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I might be a little bit well known in the Netherlands... well, okay, only with readers of Peach magazine! :)

Back in 2007 I contributed to Peach magazine for 24 months, which was very nice and my first opportunity to write some articles. I got some lovely feedback too. For those outside of the Netherlands, Peach is Germany's biggest Japanese lifestyle and pop-culture publication, a very cute magazine. I did two pages a month in the J-fashion section, and did many different articles including a fashion tutorial (just my funny dressing habits really) and a monthly travel diary which seemed to be the most popular. 

I'm very sorry if the images are a bit small (you won't be able to read them unless you can read German anyway) but below is a snapshot of each month and brief overview. Thanks for looking!

Minky x

ISSUE ONE - December/January 2007

So this one was all about MinkyShop and its most popular products. I've never had so many requests to buy my little Banky shoes in my life. They're my only ones, not for sale, lol!

ISSUE TWO - February/March 2007

We tried something new in issue two, with the left page being the start of "Minky's Travel Diary", just a short piece I decided to do on my trip to Hong Kong. The product info was still on the right, but we soon found out the travel stuff was more popular than the shopping stuff. Oh well.


ISSUE THREE - April/May 2007

This month was the second part of my travel diary to Hong Kong, and ahh, Disneyland! So much fun. As you can see only three products now - my shop's already getting squeezed off the page!

ISSUE FOUR - June/July 2007

Wah, it's me naked in a bikini! I can't believe they printed that. (*^_^*) This issue was more travel diary events, this time in the South of France and Rome.

MinkyShop In Peach Magazine

ISSUE FIVE - August/September 2007

This month always makes me laugh when I look at it. I went from glamorous Hong Kong to a UK seaside location - not really the same is it? I didn't know what to do, people wanted more Travel Diary, so I did one on where I live in the UK. I'm lucky enough to live by the sea, you can see the beach in the background there.

ISSUE SIX - October/November 2007

I actually can't remember this article too well, but there's a lot of it, I must have been talking too much. I think this is about the cultural differences between my home and my experience coming to the west. It was a big change for me to adjust to, a bit scary but fun too. Check out that Lobster!

ISSUE SEVEN - December/January 2008

See all those arrows? That's me trying to explain my fashion choices. To be honest I don't think I'm a super fashion girl (I try!) but I had fun writing this one too. It's really just how I mix and match different styles, and what's popular in Asia in particular.

ISSUE EIGHT - February/March 2008

This travel diary was about my New Year celebrations in London. It was a fun year, we had a lot of midnight food. I had a hair cut in that picture too. London has the best hairdressers for Asian girls.

ISSUE NINE - April/May 2008

This was another fashion article, but not about my dress style but about shopping and creative tips. I just explained how I usually go shopping, grabbing lots of different styles in a store and taking everything to the changing room to mix and match everything. Sometimes you get a disaster, sometimes a cute combination. 


ISSUE Ten - June/July 2008

Coming Soon!

ISSUE Eleven - August/September 2008

Coming Soon!

ISSUE Twelve - October/November 2008

Coming Soon!

ISSUE Thirteen - December/January 2009

Coming Soon!

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