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Japanese Yukata Fitting Guide

So, you want to get your hands on one of MinkyShop's new Yukata?

Well then you'll need to follow the steps in this guide to learn about how to put it on!

At the bottom of the guide is an instructional video too. 

About Yukata

The Yukata is a form of casual Kimono, usually worn in the summer. These days the new 'glam' Yukata has become a craze amongst Japan's fashionable youth, but it's still made up of several pieces and is put on in a traditional fashion.

Yukata diagram

What you should have

You should have four pieces: The Yukata robe, Obi belt, Koshi-Himo X2 (sashes), Geta (sandals)

Yukata set

Step One: Putting on the Robe

 The good news is, the Yukata is a lot easier to put on than a regular Kimono - but it will still take a little practice. So relax and put on the Yukata robe (that's the easy bit) and then make sure that you leave a little space at the back of the neck (the hemline should not be too high). Make sure the hemline is even and not tilted. Then, wrap yourself by putting the left section of the robe over the right section (this is the same for men and women.) You don't need to wrap it around yourself too tightly. 


Step Two: Tying the Koshi-Himo sash

Begin by flattening out any creases in the Yukata, and then wrap the first koshi-himo sash (you will have two) tightly around the hip-bone just below the waist (not around your stomach). Once it's in place, tie the ends in a bow as you would a belt, and once it's nice and tight, tuck the hanging ends behind the sash to form a neat cord around you.

Step Three: Adjusting the Yukata

Now the Yukata is secure, it's time to make some small adjustments. The collar should not be tight on the back of the neck, make sure it's hanging away slightly. In the front make sure the hemline crosses just beneath your neck, and then loosen the Yukata by pulling the robe up under the koshi-himo sash slightly, creating enough excess material around the waist area to fold over the koshi-himo and hide it from view. Your goal is to make sure the Yukata is comfortable taking into account bust size etc. Now, ever wondered what those holes under the arms are for? Well, they're known as 'miyatsuguchi', and as well as being from being good for ventilation they allow you to put your hands inside the Yukata to straighten out any creases and make sure it's all sitting neatly. You should do this now.


Step Four: Tying the Second Koshi-Himo Sash

Take the second koshi-himo sash and tie this one a little higher up, just above the waist at the bottom of the ribcage. Tie it securely but not too tight (or you might feel sick!). This should make the Yukata feel and look neat and tidy, secured and tapered around the waist area by both sashes. You don't need to adjust the Yukata to hide the second sash, it will be covered by the final touch: The Obi.

Step Three: Tying the Obi

The final touch to the Yukata is wrapping your middle in the beautiful obi band. Wrap it around your waist so that it sits just at the top of your hips and beneath the bust line across the midriff. Remember, it's not a corset, so don't wrap it too tightly! You can tie it up at your front by wrapping the end of the Obi that sticks out more (or appears slanted) over the top of the other section, and then using the ties to secure it. Don't tie these too tight, once again, it's not a corset and you need to be able to breathe! Then, attach the beautiful bow and then suck in your stomach a little to rotate the obi so the bow is at your back. Done!

Last Step: Wearing the Geta!

"Wah, my Geta don't fit properly!" you might think. Don't worry, Geta sandals only come in limited sizes, and are actually meant be worn so the ball of the foot (heel) is hanging over the end of the sandal slightly. Of course different people have different sized feet, but Geta are meant to accommodate a broad range of foot-sizes. So, if your foot hangs over the back, it's normal. If your foot fits perfectly, that's ok too. And if your feet are too small, that's considered attractive in Japan and you should be happy, lol! There is size information for the Geta specified on the product listings, however please see our little animation guide below for reference:

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